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The Magic Apple Story, told by Fidelis

Oktober 27, 2006

Once upon a time there was an old woman, who was very poor. Her husband had died and she was left alone. She had only one tree of apples. The tree was very big and had many apples. One day when she was walking around her shamba she noticed an apple which was different from the others. As she moved closer she saw that it was very big and it seems to have two marks as eyes and a crack like mouth. As she was bending to pick it up, it smiled at her and she found herself smiling at it. It was not ready to eat, so she gathered dry grass and closed it so that nobody can see it and pick it up.

One day she decided to pick, she hided the apple in a blanket and took it at home. That night, while she was eating cassava, she had no other food to eat. As she was eating, she said aloud: “If I had some meat to eat with this cassava, it would be good.” As she had finished saying these words, she found her bowl full of pieces of meat stew. She was very surprised and she was bending down to collect those pieces. She was wondering how to stop it from falling. At once she clapped twice and said: Enough!enough! That’s enough!
After that she said to herself, that she wants to borrow another thing, if the apple can give her another thing. She clapped twice and said:”I want some new kangas”. At the same moment new kangas fall down on the floor. She clapped twice: Enough! That’s enough!

Now she was very rich in the village. Every one in the village was asking one another how a very poor old mama had come very rich quickly like that?

That’s the end of the magic apple story.

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  1. amarvir permalink
    Februar 16, 2010 16:25

    this is a very good story, well done

  2. Yusuf permalink
    März 30, 2010 19:53

    it is nice, i need a story about a magic apple, i need it for my home work thanks 😛

  3. März 30, 2010 23:22

    You’re welcome, Yusuf

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