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Do not jump up to heaven!

Oktober 25, 2006

Zu Anfang des Jahres schrieb ich eine kleine Geschichte für meine beiden kenianischen Grundschülerinnen, wie ich das einmal im Jahr meist vor den Osterferien mache, und die die beiden immer sehr mögen. Esther wünschte sich daraufhin schon mal zu Weihnachten einen easter bunny song, aber so flexibel ist meine Fantasie dann doch nicht mehr. Und dieses Mal zeigte sich Fidelis besonders beeindruckt. Sie schrieb mir nämlich kürzlich, weil es ihr offenbar keine Ruhe liess und obwohl sie mir gleich nach dem Erhalt der Post schon darauf geantwortet hatte:

    I have so many questions to ask you, but today I will only ask you one or two. One, that book that you wrote for me, is it true or was it only a story book? I start searching my birth certificate. If it is true I can jump up to heaven.

Nun, so eine Geburtsurkunde kann man immer brauchen, auch wenn es für einen Pass noch etwas früh ist. Und Fantasie ist ein Pfund, mit dem man wuchern kann, wenn es einem nicht ganz so gut geht, wie es bei Fidelis wohl zur Zeit der Fall ist, denn für bare Münze genommen hat sie meine Geschichte ganz sicher nicht. Sie ging wie ich unter die Geschichtenerzählerinnen und erzählte mir im gleichen Brief die Geschichte vom Zauberapfel, über die sie sich letztens krummlachen wollte, deren Pointe ich aber auch nach ausführlicher Schilderung noch nicht begriffen habe. LOl. Mehrere eng beschriebene Blätter waren Fidelis Brief beigefügt, die wohl eine (abgeschriebene) Geschichte beinhalten, deren Lektüre ich mir gerne für graue Novembertage aufheben will.

Das fragliche Büchlein entstand in der Vorbereitungszeit meiner Reise in den Cilento und ging ausschnittweise so: Die vielen Bilder und Landkarten habe ich weggelassen.

The virtual trip of Esther, Fidelis and Rita to Italy
Esther and Fidelis are starting from Kenia on March 28th. It is still very hot in Kenya and there was no rain since long time. The girls are happy to escape from the heat and of course from school during the easter holidays and are looking forward to the european spring season, which they have not seen so far.

They are both very nervous because they have never been travelling with an air plane and above all they will travel alone for the first time of their lives and they will leave behind their families. But of course they will return to them. They start from Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta airport with a direct flight with Air Kenya to Cairo. After not more than four hours Air Kenya is landing in Cairo, where Esther and Fidelis have to change the aircraft, to fly then over the mediterranean sea, looking down on Tunesia, flying over Sicily and after seven hours and a half the airplane is ready to land on the airport of Naples in Italy. During their flight they got breakfeast and lunch and to drink and they enjoyed flying above the clouds in the sky.

From time to time they changed seats, so both of them could sit by the window. Sometimes, when the clouds were not very dense they saw houses and churches, small like matchboxes. Looking down from above, high mountains, sometimes still with a crown of snow, were looking like small sugar hats and rivers flowing through the land as if somebody had decorated a blue or green band on a tablecloth.

Rita takes a direct flight from Munich to Naples and she will land in Naples after two hours. She took the early morning flight to be in Naples before Esther and Fidelis are landing from Kenya. And she too was exited because she didn’t know if the two girls enjoyed the flight.

The airplane with Esther and Fidelis and 200 other passengers arrived from Cairo. Esther and Fidelis have to go through the customs and passport control, because they come from another continent to the european continent. Rita had not to go through this control because she is european citizen and is allowed to move and travel free between european countries. If she wants to go to another continent like Africa or America, she has of course to go through customs and passport control. All three girls are very happy when they met each other on the airport of Naples, Italy, because they hadn’t seen since long time. The weather is fine, not too hot. Sometimes in summer Italy has very high temperatures up to 40°C, it is a subtropical climate. The name of the city in italian is Napoli and the name of the airport is Capodichino – sounds like music.

It is already late in the afternoon. We have to decide, if we stay in Naples (Neapel – german or Napoli – italian) or if we take a car or the train to reach our final destination, which is Cilento (the blue mark on the map), down at the end of the italian boot. Just 100 km from Naples there is a hardly known region: the Cilento and Maratea. It offers one of Europes most beautiful countrysides. It is a large national park, with antic sites and last but not least the sea. The Cilento coast is more than 100 km long, quite rocky and it features many bays and sandy beaches. It is bordered by mountains with more than 2000 m height, evergreen olive trees and the cobalt blue sea.

After a small discussion we decide to rent a small car, because Rita knows driving and we drive along the small streets at the coast to reach our destination for this day

Sometime we had to pay attention because sheep and goats didn’t understand that we wanted to pass. But after one hour and a half we reached the place where we will stay for the next days. It is a small holiday apartment in a small village, close to the beach, not too much expensiv, where we can sleep and have dinner after our daily discovery tours.

Before we are going to sleep after this long exiting day, we couldn’t stop chatting about our experiences and adventures during our long journey. Finally after a night prayer we felt asleep.

The green map above shows the whole national park. We will concentrate on the left part (west), which is close to the thyrennian sea. It goes from Paestum in the north until Marina di Camerota (means little harbour of Camerota) in the south.

Next morning we rise early not to miss a minute of this wonderful day. A fresh breeze is coming from the see, when we left the house after having breakfeast. We decide to visit first the antic sites of the Cilento coast in Paestum, Agropoli and Velia.

…. / …..

On the evening of our second day we made plans how to spend the third day. Rita would like to show Esther and Fidelis the wonderful grottos and the Cap Palinuro.

The cilento coast features countless grottos. We take a boat and drive into the Bird’s grotto. Inside it is dark first and rather weirdly.


We are sitting in the sun and taking lunch. After they had always spaghetti or rice and fish during the last days, Rita wanted that Esther and Fidelis try a special food, that is produced in that part of Italy. It’s name is Mozzarella. It is a white cheese, which is served with tomatoes, pepper, salt and olive oil. The name of the menue is „insalada caprese“, that means salad of the isle of capri. Its colour is red (tomatoes), white (mozzarella) and green (olive oil) like the italian flag and it is national food like ugali in Kenya is. And indeed Esther and Fidelis don’t like insalada caprese: „We want Ugali“. No way. Instead of this we try risotto (italian for rice), which they liked and as dolce (italian for sweet) we had ice-cream in a cone.

We spend the rest of the day enjoying the fresh air at the beach of Palinuro with the view in the beautiful landscape surrounding the cap of Palinuro.

Today we are really tired like the day before, when we come back to our holiday appartement. Nevertheless we take a shower and then go to the small church to pray for our safe journey home, even if we have still some days to spend together.
It is a catholic church, but this doesn’t matter. People can pray in every place.

This tour is a trip, that takes place in our imagination. We have spent 3 days now. The duration of our holidays is seven days. Then everybody has to take her airplane back home.

How could we spend the remaining four days in Italy, Esther and Fidelis?

I’m giving you some help, what could be done

– enjoy the beach
– climb mountains
– listen to a concert in Naples of a famous italian pop singer.
– buy tickets for a glass boat and visit the oceanic undersea park
– drive with the boat to the isle of Capri with its mysterious Blue Grotto
– rent bikes and ride through the national park

I can not wait to know how our story will go on.

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